Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kindergarten Tips

So I guess I have been in denial these past five months that I'm going to be returning to the classroom in August. So with that denial came neglecting my blog. I have been very focused on being a mom to this sweet girl.
But now that summer is here, I am coming to terms with having to go back to school in August. Not that I have a child care situation yet or is Sweet girl taking a bottle yet. But it will be here before I know it.
I will back in kindergarten with a new set of kids and I really enjoyed reading the blog posts from Mary at Sharing Kindergarten's Linky party and thought I would join in.

My husband is dreading my return to kindergarten until October because it is so hard and I'm so stressed. But I have learned that if I take my time and focus on procedures and management pieces then the teaching of the academics will come much easier. I always want to jump into the reading and writing and math but I try to focus on the making a line, sitting on the carpet, behavior during lunch, not getting up and wandering around the room first.

When I first started teaching kindergarten, I'm not sure that I really understood five and six year olds. But after 8 years in kindergarten and first grade, and 3 nieces later, I have a better understanding of the kids. I was criticized my first year teaching for not being touchy feely enough and I still think that there is a time and a place. During the middle of the lesson is not necessarily the place for stories and hugs. But I always try to listen to them during recess, lunch and other down times. I always start the day by greeting them at the door with a good morning and a smile and we always end the day with the kids choosing to give a hug, high five or handshake. I'm not a hugger by nature with adults and try to respect kids that might not be huggers either.
So those are my tips! I'm not looking forward to leaving my sweet girl in August. I have enjoyed my time at home with her more than I ever imagined. But I'm hoping to get back into reading blogs, writing blogs, and creating new activities this summer. So check back again! Meanwhile, check out the other great Kindergarten posts here. 


  1. Isn't that the truth! We all find ourselves saying, "Does this story help our lesson right now, or can it wait until recess?" They learn quickly not to overshare, and aren't those the students who are always seated near you during whole group? :) Great post, and beautiful baby girl!

  2. She is beautiful!! Congrats and ty for the great tips!