Sunday, January 26, 2014

Five for Sunday

I wanted to link up on Friday but I ran out of time. I was busy after school trying to get ready for next week and then my hubby was ready to head to Myrtle Beach when I got home. We made a very quick to trip to celebrate his dad's birthday. It was fun trip. Now I'm riding in the car typing this on my iPad hoping it saves to the app even though there is no internet connection.
1. Tuesday we talked about MLK and read The Crayon Box ThAt Talked. The kids picked one color to draw a picture with and we talked about how if we were all the same it would be boring.
2. We had a snow day on Wednesday and my dad and I spent some time with my nieces and sister. This is my newest niece. She actually had her eyes open.
3. Thursday I had to leave school early for a doctor appointment and we were 2 hours late. So I was only at school for an hour and a half. In between school and doctor appointment I spent a little time with my girls again. I found this great freebie from Mel at From the Pond for tracing lines. Soph and I had a lot of fun practicing our handwriting. Look at how well she holds her crayon.
4. Friday we were 2 hours late again so I crammed a lot of sight word practice in a short amount of time.
5. A picture from the beach. I never thought I'd been on the beach in boots and a heavy coat. It was still beautiful even though it was cold.

So that's my Five for Friday post. Be sure to head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and check out the party. 
I hope to be back later this week with some sight word ideas and apps for the iPad. I've had a hard time getting into any kind of rhythm teaching with all the snow days and delays. So here's hoping for a five day week!

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