Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turkey Time! and a freebie

I haven't blogged in way too long! I hate it. I miss chatting with my bloggy friends. Life has just been too busy lately and I haven't had the energy to blog much. But I'm hoping to catch up over my Thanksgiving break. I'm so jealous of all you that have the whole week off. But I'm thankful for my 2 and a half days off I have. I was talking to one bloggy friend who only gets Thursday off. I am in need of this break badly. Anyway, this is just a quick post to share a freebie for those of you that are in school this week too. It's a color by sight word page that reviews some sight words from journeys. We just finished lesson 11.
I also have a freebie in my tpt store that is a fun counting activity with a Thanksgiving theme. Check it out here. 
Even though it would be nice to have the whole week off I'm going to enjoy the days I've got with my kids. I sent home the Disguise a Turkey project a few weeks ago and it's suppose to come back tomorrow. I've gotten a few in and can't wait to see them all. So far they are looking good. Wednesday for our half day we're going to have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast with our Fourth grade buddies. We'll watch the dvd and then compare it to a book. Then feast on popcorn, jelly beans and pretzels. It should be a good day. Hopefully over the break, I'll have the chance to share what we've been doing with our buddies. We've had a blast with them lately and learned a lot. So how long do you get for a break? If you are going to be in school this week, what do you have planned?

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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing this freebie. What a fun way to review sight words. Is there any way that you could make this editable? I would love to use it with my class, however, they haven't learned a couple of the words that you have on the sheet. I have class on Monday and Tuesday, then off for a much needed break :) Tuesday we will make butter from heavy cream, and later in the day pop popcorn and watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving too. Looking forward to hearing from you...thanks again :)