Thursday, September 5, 2013

Classroom management and a class book freebie

I hate coming up with titles for my blog posts. I'm just not good at it. Titles elude me. When I took some creative writing classes in college, I always struggled with that part of writing. So I'm going with obvious.
This is my third week in school and so far it is going pretty well. Not fantastic or wonderful but not bad. It's the beginning of kindergarten and there are always bumps along the way. The past 6 years I've used some kind of clip chart. It is what worked for me. The past 2 years it's been a chart where they can move up or down. Well, after doing some reading on different blogs and The Whole Brain Teaching for the Challenging Student, I decided to try something different.
I'm not using a clip chart this year. So far it is going ok. I am asking students to go back to their seat or be separated from the group when they are not following rules. If they have to be separated from the group than they have to sit out a few minutes during recess. I'm asking them to practice the rule they broke with me after they sit and think. I am sending a note home or calling parents if the behavior escalates or gets out of hand. I have a post it note pad and pen in my apron (which I got from Miss Kindergarten's Etsy store and I love). I write down their names and time and it helps me stay on top of things.
Part of the reason I've chosen to get rid of my clip chart is because parents and kids get obsessed with the chart. A clip chart also doesn't fix the behavior. So I'm trying this out this year. I'm trying logical consequences and lots and lots of modeling.
I'm slowly implementing some whole brain teaching strategies. I've been using the rules and the motions that go with the rules. They are going well so far. My kids seem to have learned them. Not that we're going to stop practicing them. We practice them several times a day. I've also implemented the Class!Yes!. It is slow going to get my kids to stop what they are doing but it's coming. The next step to implement is the scoreboard.

One of the first class books we make is about our names. So I'm offering it up as a freebie.
I would love it if you would leave me a comment if you download my freebie and I would also love to hear what kind of classroom management system you use. I hope to be back tomorrow with 5 pictures from the week. 

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  1. Thank you for the freebie! Perfect for the beginning of the school year!