Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Currently and what are you wearing

Since it's been so long since I've blogged, I'm catching up on some fun linky parties. I love Farley's monthly currently party. I look forward to it all month. But I'm a few days behind on the party.
My hubby and I teach a Sunday school class for young adults. I always joke that it should be called Nerds 101 because there is a lot of comic book talk. But we've been studying the book of Romans and he's been tying in the Lord of the Rings. It is pretty cool the way you can draw some biblical truths and lessons from these movies. We'll watch a clip or two each week. This has inspired us to rewatch the movies. I'm thinking about rereading the books this summer.
Last week was testing and I'm so glad it's over. It is a lot to ask little ones to do. This year is the first year the state has mandated that K-2 participate in the testing. Our county has elected for 1st and 2nd for a while, so we knew what to expect in first. I hated it for the Kinders though. It was way too much on them. I was so happy on Friday to have my room back to usual and be able to do some normal lessons.
We have 16 days of school left and there is a lot to do. I still have things I want to teach and do with the kids. Plus awards day, field day, social studies fair, and report cards one last time. I also need to pack and organize my room. I don't know why I'm listing all these things. You know what's up. You have all these things to do too.
My wanting and summer bucket list are kind of all related. I want to learn how to use a DSLR camera before Chris and I have kids. I want to be able to take good pictures. I would settle for a decent used camera. I want to get my house all organized and start sewing again. These things are related to the fact that I want Chris and I to be thinking about starting a family. I need to get our extra bedroom all cleaned up and organized first.
The second linky party I want to join is the Share Watcha Wear party at Closing the Gap in a Cute Outfit. I've been wanting to post about outfits for a while but I just wasn't sure. I wasn't sure anyone would want to see my outfits. But our guidance counselor a few weeks ago suggested I blog about my clothes and then I saw this linky party. So I figured I should join up. I got the hubby to take a couple of pictures of my outfits last week. So here they are:

Since we were testing, I went with my most comfortable and slightly stylish shoes. My chacos. I have had these shoes since I did my student teaching. So that means I've been wearing them for about 10 years now. They are black and they go with everything. I need to get them resoled but I have a hard time giving them up. Be sure to head over to Farley's for the Currently Party and Closing the Gap for the whatcha wearing.


  1. I SO wish I were done with state testing...getting closer!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I also finished up with state testing, what a relief! Your outfits are cute! I wish I could wear cute shorts and look good in them!

    Teaching Special Kids

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