Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm so excited! I'm so excited!

So I have a blog that I keep up with for all the thoughts I have in my head. I recently wrote about struggles with teaching on there and it inspired me to start looking at teaching blogs. There are a ton of teachers out there blogging about their wonderful ideas and things they do in their classrooms. So, here I am giving it a try and starting my own. I've now spent 2 days just looking at blogs and grabbing ideas and getting more and more excited about the upcoming school year.
Right now I'm working on a new theme for the school year. I think I'm going to focus on Eric Carle's books. My kids are in groups and in the past they've been colors, days of the week, and last year they were fruit (to try to encourage healthy habits.) This year I'm thinking : Busy Spiders, Hungry Caterpillars, Grouchy Ladybugs, and Lonely Fireflies. Each group has a organizer from Really good stuff. I used them 2 years ago when I was in Kindergarten. (I loop so I keep my kids for Kindergarten and First grade.) They look pretty rough from the past class. I'm thinking of using contact paper to cover the wood and then decorating it with picture of the animal of the group. Well that was what I was thinking but now I'm thinking of painting them white and then painting an insect to go with their group on each one.
I did create some nameplates that reminded me of Eric Carle.
What do you think?

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