Saturday, April 19, 2014

Five for Saturday

Oh my. It has been crazy busy lately and I haven't felt like blogging. We have had a whirlwind busy two weeks since I posted last. We did our end of the year testing (The Brigance, I hate this test. IT is so out of date),  report card assessing, then this past week we were videotaped for the local channel, watched the school play, had a spring fling and an egg hunt. Now today starts my spring break and I'm excited to have a week off.  So I think I took five picture this week. I really meant to take more but completely forgot in the craziness that is the week before spring break. So I'm linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

1.  This was dinner Tuesday night. It was the only night I ate dinner all week. I started some new medicine and it was making me not feel so hot at night. But this was a delish dinner. Greek Pizza. (Here's the link to the recipe. I found the recipe on pinterest. If you don't follow me on pinterest, you should. I think I'm an excellent pinned. (

2. Wednesday my class was videotaped for this local channel. All the schools in my county have videos made about them and then they are played on the local channel. My class was videod using our promethean board and iPad and iPods. I was not excited about it. I get so nervous in front of adults. It just isn't my thing. Mostly I was freaking out about what to wear. I tried on about four outfits for Chris. This was what I decided on, but I texted it to my bestie first.
I'm so good at selfies. ;)

3.  By the time Thursday rolled around, my kids were crazy! We were having the spring fling in the afternoon and that is all they wanted to talk about. It was nuts. (Spring fling is a like a carnival put on by the 7th and 8th graders at our school as a fundraiser for their graduation at the end of the year) It is fun watching the kids have a blast but the before and after is hard. So we read the Pete the Cat Easter book and then did a directed draw of a bunny. This was the only picture I took. I had seen several things like this on pinterest but mostly I just made it up. We used pencils and drew the outline of the bunny. Then they used black marker to go over the outline. They colored the bunny with crayons and then did a background with markers. They turned out cute. 

4. Friday was a half day and we had an Easter egg hunt for the whole kindergarten. My class brought in 255 eggs.  The egg hunt was done in record time. But the kids had a blast and that's all that matters. 
5. Today my nieces were staying with my parents so Chris and I headed over there to take the oldest to an egg hunt. Here they are. It was not as nice of a day as I had thought it might be. Here's hoping tomorrow is nicer. 
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