Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Using Technology in Small Groups: Writing

This was going to be my last installment of the series I've been working about using technology in small groups and centers but I will have one more post focusing mostly on centers.  I hope to bring you more posts about technology. It is definitely a passion of mine. I strongly believe we have to engage our 21st century learners with whatever means we can and technology is not going anywhere. This post will focus on writing activities using technology.

The first activity I want to share uses two apps, Magnetic ABC and Show Me.  I have the paid version of the magnetic ABC and I think it is worth it. There are tons of picture magnets that kids can use for writing. 
I made a video of doing the activity. I hate hearing my voice on videos but I think it is the best way to show how this activity works. 

To check out one that a student made, click here. What I loved about this activity was it gave her a chance to change what she had written. It is important when writing to teach students to go back and read their writing. By having them record themselves reading their writing, it gives them some motivation to read over the writing. I would do this in small groups before moving it out as an activity for centers.

The next writing activity uses the app Pages. You could do the same thing in google slides but you wouldn't be able to publish it. (or at least not as easily).  At the end of the year I had my students pick a picture from the folder I had made in google drive. I just uploaded all my photos from my phone into a specific folder in drive and it made finding class pictures really easy. The inserted their pictures into the app and then wrote a sentence. When we were done, I could save it as an ePub file, email it to myself and add it to my iBooks. So now the book is on the iPad and they can read it. Here's another video that explains it a little better. 

I hope you can try one of these ideas this Fall as you start back to school and are looking for ways to incorporate technology into your small groups. My last installment of the series will focus more on technology in centers. Be sure to check out parts 1, 2, and 3 to get more ideas for using tech in centers. 
How do you use technology to work on writing?

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