Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Currently

So I was going to wait and post this tomorrow because I was working on a technology post but I was getting frustrated with that post. (You can see why in my currently) I love Farley's party every month and enjoy seeing what everyone else is up to. I was looking back at some old blog posts Sunday and trying to reorganize some labels. I enjoyed looking at the currentlys from the past couple of years. So anyway, here's my currently for the month.

Chris is sitting on the couch and I'm working at the table at the computer. I can hear the tv but not see it. I think he's settled on the Weather Channel right now. We were watching Agents of Shield.
I'm still in love with my computer. I don't know that it will change anytime soon. I'm still learning things on it and figuring out things. We didn't get Microsoft Office as of right now so I'm learning my way around Keynote and Pages. So far, I'm liking them.
We are having gorgeous Spring weather this week. I've been on a bike ride Sunday, Monday, and Today. It is so nice to be able to be out in the sunshine.
I was trying to write a blog post about some new apps that I have been using and some new ways I found to use them. But I couldn't figure out how to link to the apps or even find the apps in the app store. So I'll keep working on that post. I also need a few more screenshots so I can properly explain myself. Maybe I'll get that post up tomorrow or Thursday.
I'm needing to take a shower. It was quite warm on my bike ride and I'm smelly. As soon as I get this written and posted, I'll be getting in the shower.
7:45 -3:15 are my hours at school. School actually starts at 8 and ends at 3 for the kids. I think that June 4th is our last day as teachers. The kids last day is May 30. They have messed with our schedule multiple times due to snow and an election day. You would think I would know when the last day is but right now my sights are set on Spring Break. Our spring break is always the week after Easter. Since Easter is late this year so is Spring Break! Just 2 and a half weeks left. I'm looking forward to some downtime.
So that is what I'm currently up to. Be sure to head over to the party at Farley's and check out everyone else's.

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  1. Would be cool to figure out how to link apps to a blog. Would love to read a post on it when you figure it out.