Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's Currently March!

It's  time for my favorite party of the month! Farley's currently. I look forward to seeing what her last question is every month. This month did not disappoint. You have to guess what my question is and I gave you the answer.
Well, when I wrote this a few minutes ago, it was quiet. Now Chris is up and he's flipping channels on the tv. He's had it on Ancient Aliens and now he's watching a tv preacher. I was enjoying the quiet. We're having an anniversary potluck at church today so I had to get up and get everything started. I am making a cornbread salad and brownies to take.
A couple of weeks ago we had great spring like weather and it was so nice. We were able to go outside and play. I also got to do walk outside with my family and sister. This past week the weather wasn't as nice but we still got to go outside. Yesterday it was nice enough to go for a bike ride. So I know spring is on the way. 
With spring being in the way, the realization that the school year is almost over. We have less than 12 weeks left and I feel like I have a lot to do. I'm sure I'm not the only one. All the snow has really messed me up. 
I have been wanting a fancy camera for a while. Chris says we need a new computer before we spend money on a fancy camera, but a girl can dream. My iPhone works ok for taking pictures but I realized how many of them are grainy or blurry when I was going through my pictures yesterday. 
Sunday is shaping up to be a busy day. I need to do some cleaning, laundry, still have planning to do for the week and I really want to get some blogging done for the week. After church we don't have plans except the grocery store and another bike ride. So I should be able to get so e things done and maybe get to watch some Downton Abbey while working!
Can you guess what my list is all about? What my iPad, iPhone and kindle mean. Leave me a comment with the answer! Be sure to head over to Farley's and check the party out. She's redecorated and it looks great!


  1. I hear you with the new camera! I would LOVE one! SOunds like a relaxing weekend! Enjoy! You "Techie" list would be...Things you HOPE the EASTER BUNNY leaves in your basket! :) Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  2. I highly recommend a fancy camera or at least a nice point and shoot. I bought a fancy camera a few years ago and I absolutely love it. I also upgraded my point and shoot to higher resolution and get great pictures now!

    I personally want a fancy phone - I'm still stuck in the world of no smartphone. Not quite ready to pay the price. :(

  3. I think that the question is..."What are things I can not live without!" My husband is Chris too...and I think he would love to eat a cornbread salad...since he seems to be 'allergic' to lettuce! ;) What's in that? Sounds interesting! :) I love cornbread! :)
    Thanks for sharing your March musings with us all! ;)
    Mrs. Russell's Room-First Grade