Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fun with Chevron (Creative Teaching Press Review)

So back in January or February when I was home for a snow day, I saw on Creative Teaching Press's Facebook page they were looking for bloggers to do product reviews. Well I jumped at the chance to get some free stuff and blog about it. So I sent an email to them and got to pick out some items from their catalog. They had a lot of new stuff including some great chevron products. I love chevron! Chris says it's my favorite color. (He knows it's not a color but he says anything chevron and I'm all over it.) So I picked out some chevron products that would freshen up my room a bit. Well they sent me that and so much more.
So I kept expecting it and kept expecting the package. I had checked on it and it was supposedly sent off. Well it was but they had delivered it to a neighbor instead of me. I loved the way it was addressed. It made me smile thinking that I have marketing and promotions. 

 Here's all the loot they sent me minus the calendar. I had to crop my feet and Chris's feet out of the picture. I was so excited when it came that I'm sure that I made him come and look at all my goodies.

CTP included some extras in the package like the All About Me Fold-outs and some resource books. I haven't used the fold outs yet because of the time of year. I see this as being a great project to start the new school year off with. I loop with my kids so next year they'll be in First Grade and can complete these more independently. 

When I looked through the catalog, the chevron stuff really caught my eye. I have had the same calendar for the past 9 years. There is nothing wrong with it but getting it replaced for free sounded pretty good. So here's my gorgeous new calendar. Thanks to CTP!

Here are the products shown in the picture:

I love the way my calendar turned out. I didn't order any month headers because I enjoy making my own. 
The next step in my chevron transformation was with name tags. The second half of the year, I usually put their last names on their name tags to get them writing their last name. So I used the Chevron Name Plates and replaced their old name plates with these chevron ones.  (I blurred out the student's name) I love the bright colors. 

I got some labels in this same pattern but haven't used them yet. I'm thinking our field trip next week will be the perfect time to use them.  I also got the labels in Chevron Solid.  I used these to redo the students' cafeteria name tags with their numbers on them. Just added the label to an index card wrote it in and laminated. It's easy but looks good. (By the way, I'm loving editing my photos in iPhoto and blurring personal information out. It is so easy.)

The item I'm loving the most besides my new calendar is the Chevron Cut outs in size 10 inch.  They are bright colored and the perfect size. I have been wanting to put up a word on the day on my door when the kids come in for a while. We have 6 sight words to learn a week and that's a lot. Anything I can do to maximize exposure to the words the better. So I laminated all the cut outs I got and then they were ready to go when I wanted to do something with them. I used a sharpie to write in the words but if I want to change them I can easily by putting dry erase on top of the sharpie. 
 I made this one Friday so we'll be ready for our plant unit we're starting this week. I wanted a place to put vocal words related to the content we're studying. This was the perfect size to put up on my board.

The possibilities are endless for what you could do with these. I have been thinking of making an author spotlight out of some of them. If I can find the space in my room. 
I thought I was chevroned out only to find out CTP has stickers with chevron too. So I had to stock up on some great stickers. 

Here are the stickers I got:

Looking through the stickers to find the ones I ordered I saw quite a few others I would like to have. I might have a slight problem when it comes to stickers. I'm always stocking up on them. 

The last thing I've really been using a lot of is the resource books they sent me. I love my TPT products but sometimes I have a hard time finding exactly what I need in all the resources I have. Two of the books I have used a lot have to do with sight words. 

I have used these resources for small group work and differentiated. I have also been using the sight word sentences for my writing center and differentiated. Here are some pictures of the pages in action:

Overall I've been very pleased with all the products that I received from Creative Teaching Press. They were really easy to work with and their prices are very reasonable. I love their new line with Chevron and their older lines Dots on Turquoise. (That's what I had in my room to begin with.)
I will definitely be buying more things from CTP. Be sure to head over to their website and check out all they have to offer.

(While I did receive products to review free of charge, the opinions expressed in this review are solely my own.)

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