Monday, February 3, 2014

Currently February

I can't believe February is here already. January just flew by. It could be because we hardly went to school. I'm linking up for my favorite party of the month, Farley's currently. It is always fun to see a glimpse into everyone's life.
My husband is at scouts tonight so I'm vegging on the sofa watching Criminal Minds until time to make dinner. Chris is not crazy about Criminal Minds so I don't watch it when he's home. 
My sister in law called just a few minutes ago and put her daughter on the phone. She was so cute! She wanted to know what I was doing at home. My sister has 2 daughters so I love being an aunt. The girls call me KK and it is my favorite role right now.
Since we started back to school this semester we have not gone to school a full five days. In fact we've only gone to school 6 full days and 2 days that were delayed by 2 hours. It is looking like we might go this whole week.
I usually wait for Chris to get home to eat dinner and I'm hungry now. Lunch is at 10:45.
With Christmas and all the snow, I have not been exercising. My knee has started hurting me and I think it's because I haven't been active. So tomorrow I'm headed to Zumba!
Now for my 2 truths and a fib! 
Chris is a veterinarian and I'm not really an animal person. (Please don't hate. I don't hate animals just not into pets)
So my fib is that I love coconut! I dislike coconut a lot! 
So that us what I'm currently up to. Be sure to head over to Farley's and see the rest of the party.

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  1. Last week was our first full week since being back! I'm not sure we will have a full week this week though...currently in a winter storm warning, expecting 5-7 inches of snow Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning! UGH! I wish that groundhog wouldn't have seen his shadow!

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